Snowy Fun Day

We spent the last 20 or so years in Texas which really doesn’t get much snow, just ice on occasion. A few mornings back we got enough snow (about 6 inches) to have fun with. At first I had the idea to blow up the inner tube so the boys could go sledding. Then another idea popped into my head:

snowyBeastYep, sometimes the crazy ideas in my head lead to some good fun, albeit more risk for injury and other things that a dad doesn’t think about when concocting brainy ideas for my kids to partake in. In this particular case, the only thing that was hazardous was the horse turds buried under the snow. My youngest son declared that he is a “Snowy Beast” after I drug him through the snow a few times. Of course my other son saw what we were doing through the house window and promptly got his snow gear on and went outside for his turn. I bet if we had neighbors I could probably charge $$$ for all of their kids to ride the “Cherry Express”. Good thing we don’t, I’d probably get sued sometime later. Anyway, we had fun for a few hours. Next month, I’ll get their courage up for some other dumb but fun activity to do in the snow. I know, I’ll have to get them some skis! Here is a small video…






A Sad Day

Tuesday, November 10th 5:30 am ( a very brutal day )…

The fresh new snow over Monday night bent over the electric fence that had been keeping the four horses contained in the pasture. That morning I discovered that there were three of them just outside the house and not in their pasture. How odd I thought. Now keep in mind these aren’t our horses, they are our neighbors; they’re just here for the hay. The sun had not fully come up over the horizon yet, so it was still very dark (around 5:15 am).

Then I remembered that the main gate was left wide open.

I thought, “Oh crap!…one of them escaped and is wandering around on the road some where”. Dread started to weigh on me.

I Immediately threw on a light jacket, a beanie hat, and boots. Then went outside to look for the missing horse. By this time, Kelly was waking up and I asked her if she could help me look for the missing horse on my way out the door.

The light outside was still very dim and I jumped on the 4-wheeler and zoomed out of the garage into the brisk 30 degree morning air.The missing horse was nowhere to be found…initially. Then I noticed a large dark shape near our property’s border.

What was racing through my mind was, “That can’t be the horse, maybe its just one of the bushes or something”.  I went to investigate and throttled the ATV more…as I got closer the dark shape grew closer and transformed into a horse laying down on his right side. Another thought raced through my mind, “He’s just laying down, trying to keep warm”. Hoping, that was the case.

What I discovered was not the case at all. It was one of the most gruesome things I had ever seen in my life…

Somehow, someway, the horse managed to get tangled up in the barb wire fence. The snow revealed the struggle. Then I saw the metal T-post sticking out about 4 inches through his back. My mouth was agape. Now, I’m not going to describe the gory details, gentle readers. But rest assured one does not prepare enough for that kind of gory sight, especially in the wee hours of the morning.

He had been dead for at least a couple hours. I took pictures, not because I wanted to show the world, but because for some reason I thought they might be useful to show the owners before any animals came to feast.

I drove up back to the house and I told tell Kelly who just got outside. This was her favorite horse, sadly. She didn’t take it well. I told her to call the owners. She also called our nearest neighbors who came at once to help us clean up the mess.

By this time, there were more people on the scene, including the owners. We managed to get the carcass off the fence post with my ATV’s winch and drug the poor thing about 1000 feet to the next gate leaving a huge blood trail in the fresh snow. The carcass didn’t stay long. Another neighbor wanted it for wolf bait and loaded it up on his flat bed truck and hauled it away about an hour later.

Everyone helped us repair the fence. The owners took it better than we did, and seemed to be used to this sort of thing. Our close neighbor and a long time horse owner said that she had seen lots of horse deaths in fences over the years, but this was the most gruesome one she had ever seen. This was my first one and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

Luckily, I made sure Kelly never saw it because I didn’t want her to remember the horse in that way, but in the playful and gentle way that he once lived. I hope she can cope with other deaths that will happen on a farm from time to time because we are planning to get animals in the near future. Its just hard to see one die in that kind of way because you get attached to them over time even if they aren’t yours. Time will tell.

First Snow

We woke up to our first round of white stuff this morning!

Snowy Roof

Light dusting of snow on the roof this morning

It was just a dusting but Little Guy was super excited. He’s been waiting, ever so patiently, on the snow. I think he started talking about playing in the snow in July when we got here!

Yesterday we had just a few flakes. When he saw that, he started running around saying “it’s snowing, it’s snowing” and just that quick it stopped.

When he got up this morning, his dad told him to go look on the patio. When he saw the snow, he said “are you kidding me” with this huge grin on his face!

Snowy Mtn 3

Snow in the national forest just across the valley

This was promptly followed by “can we go to the national forest and play in the snow? Please mom. Please.” Hilarious!

If he got this excited over a dusting of snow, image how excited he’ll be when there’s actually enough snow on the ground to play in! Can’t wait for that mom moment! =)

Life Skills Lesson

When we came here in April, both boys got to use the little hatchet to cut a few pieces of kindling for a fire. They thought that was the coolest. The youngest was talking about using the hatchet and wanting his own for months after that.

They’ve been fascinated with cutting and stacking firewood since it started getting cold out. So over the weekend, the boys helped cut up some fire wood for the wood stove.

But this time was different….they got to use the big ax! So this required a new lesson on how not to chop up the concrete in the process and a refresher on how not to cut off one’s toes!

Garret Big Ax

The ax is almost as big as he is! I think I closed my eyes when I took this picture!

Grant Big Ax

This guy has helped chop wood every day since his lesson! He’s getting quite good at it!

No toes went missing during this lesson, and all are still attached today! This lesson would fall under scary mom moments!

And just so someone doesn’t claim we’re bad parents…Todd was cut out of the picture. He was right there the entire time.  =)

Scented Pine Cone Fire Starters – A New Etsy Store Item

We had fun this morning making scented pine cone fire starters. This batch is applejack. They smell amazing!


Just build your fire base and then light the pine cone. The pine cone will act as the fuel to start your fire and make your house smell great in the process!

We’re having another day of 40+ mph wind gusts so the wood stove is going. Those wind gusts are wicked when combined with temps in the 40s! We’re going to need our winter gear for Trick or Treating tonight!

Elk Crossing Fail

I managed to capture this video about the same place as the stampede in the previous post. A bit choppy in the beginning as I was driving with one hand and filming with the other. It gets calmer as time goes on.

Its a wonder that their necks weren’t broken.

Piglets or Horses?!?


Upon looking out the window Monday morning, we didn’t see the two white horses.  This is what we saw instead! Sunday and Monday brought us some much-needed rain. The horses clearly enjoyed it. They were rolling in the mud and running … Continue reading

Magical Mom Moment

As a mom, these are the moments that stop me in my tracks and just make me grin a big ol’ goofy grin.

There have been so many moments like this since we’ve moved here. I look out to see what my three fellas are up to and then I’m running for the camera or just simply watching and being in the moment.


Checking on the horses.

This is why we left the big city…for moments just like this! Take a minute today and simply be in the moment. You’ll be amazed! The dishes, the laundry, whatever…it can wait for a few minutes.

Homestead Flyby

This morning turned out to be calm and clear. Perfect for a drone flight around the property. For those who haven’t seen our property yet, here ya go. I don’t think the horses liked a large UFO buzzing around their heads. I also managed to scare a hawk right out of his tree, poor thing… ha! I plan on taking another video close up of just around the house and over the ridge which is quite a sight because It drops off suddenly. Once the elk start moving i’ll take another video of them! Stay tuned.