Wildfires, a Glimpse Into the Future?

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been having to deal with wildfire smoke coming through the Hell’s Canyon (which is an appropriate name right now). I had a chance to witness it slowly rolling in like a carpet of doom. Thankfully, we haven’t had any fires in close proximity but the smoke is extremely choking and horrible to breath.

smokeRollingInThe smoke usually didn’t stay long thanks to the winds, but the last couple of days its been really bad. No wind. The AQI was near dangerous levels and I can tell you from experience; you don’t want to breath this stuff for more than a few mins. Visibility is only about a quarter mile. smoke

It’s like we’re living on a different planet with a different atmosphere. Reminds me of the book, “The Martian” by Andy Weir. The bad thing is, there really is no where to go except back south or far east to get some relief. Most surrounding states are also affected. Check out Wildfire Today to see where the jet stream is taking the smoke across the US and which states are affected.

I don’t know if Dallas Fort Worth is being affected like the chart says it is, maybe some of our Fort Worth friends can comment to that. My biggest concern, is that this will continue to get worse each year.

The best thing to do they say is to stay inside, but the smoke slowly seeps into the vents and through small cracks in doors. It’s relentless. Some of the locals were saying that the air quality is similar to when Mount St Helens erupted back the 80’s.

Is this is a sign of things to come for the future? I’m not sure, there are many people who would point at this as direct evidence of climate change. I would have thought that the Pacific Northwest would have had enough rain and snow like it usually does that helps prevent wildfires; not this year. Perhaps the climate is changing.

All i know is, we moved up here to get fresh air. Maybe its time to move again, but to where?