Our 2018 Project List

Snow SceneHappy New Year! We hope 2018 is off to a great start for you and yours!

The big projects on our list for this year include:

  • Installing a hanging gutter system for rain water collection & moving water away from the house.
  • Building a duck house & run area with fencing, grass & little pool. We’re getting ducks in the spring! Super excited!
  • Installing a drip irrigation system for our big (80 x 80) garden and orchard.
  • Building a retaining wall along the pathway to the garden & front acreage.
  • Putting in a french drain system or something similar for our mud season runoff & standing water issue in the back of the house.
  • Planting wild flowers & other perennials on the big hill behind the house to help with erosion.
  • Improving the big garden soil so we can raise more fruits & veggies & win the war on thistles!
  • Building a chicken tractor.

So just a few things on our list for this year!

We’ll be adding a lot more content on various other topics too. More on that soon in another post.

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About Kelly

I'm a recovering HR Director turned stay-at-home mom. And I've never been happier! My interests include cooking, baking, preserving, homeschooling, gardening and reading. I'm enjoying expanding my homesteading and animal husbandry skills. I love exploring nature through the eyes of my children! Every day is full of magic moments...if you're willing to look!

5 thoughts on “Our 2018 Project List

    • A chicken tractor is a smaller, mobile-type coop. Chickens are great little tillers, so I’d like to be able move them around during the summer to forage bugs, weeds, grass, etc. in the big garden and other areas.


  1. OMG You guys are alive! I had feared for the worst after no updates for so long. It’s rough country out that way! 😉 Glad to hear from you and hope your 2018 is full of adventure! We just finished building a house on 5 acres and have a project list a mile long now. Never ending, but always something fun!


    • Great to hear from you! Yes we’re still alive! Ha! We’re hoping to do a much better keeping up with our blog this year. Congrats on your house! And welcome to the never-ending project list group! 🙂


  2. Pa knows what the chicken tractor and the French drain are. Are you going to have time to turn around? Busy, busy.

    34 degrees. No snow yet.

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