It’s Snowing….But Not Melting!

So what kind of snow doesn’t melt?!?  Cottonwood tree seeds. Airborne fluff!

Cottonwood Snow Day 2

If you look at the evergreen tree across the street, you can see that it really does look like snow coming down!

This was from just one tree. The entire intersection was just covered in white fluff!

So of course my inner gardening nerd came out and I did some researching. All these fluffy seeds form after the pollen is released. The trunks can be over 5 feet around and the trees can be 150-180 feet tall. That’s just huge! No wonder I feel really tiny standing next to some of these trees!  We didn’t have trees this big in Texas. That saying “everything’s bigger in Texas” definitely doesn’t apply in this case!

Cottonwood Snow Day 1

My 4-legged walking buddy had to spend some time checking it out too!

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I'm a recovering HR Director turned stay-at-home mom. And I've never been happier! My interests include cooking, baking, preserving, homeschooling, gardening and reading. I'm enjoying expanding my homesteading and animal husbandry skills. I love exploring nature through the eyes of my children! Every day is full of magic moments...if you're willing to look!

4 thoughts on “It’s Snowing….But Not Melting!

  1. It’s pretty, but I am sneezing just looking at the stuff! We have cottonwood trees nearby and they can make me miserable with allergies. However, after they are done shedding pollen and seeds, I love the beautiful trees for their wonderful shade!


  2. We have to keep our big garage door shut bcause of the cottonwood trees along the river behind the house or the floor is covered. But it isn’t that thick. Thank goodness. Nathan has a huge cottonwood in his yard.


    • We’re looking forward to seeing the cottonwoods in the fall. And….there is a small grove of aspen trees right across the road from our new house. Those will be gorgeous in the fall!


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