Where Have We Been?!?

Why, hibernating of course! Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do during the winter months in the North? Ha!

We’ve been doing anything but hibernating, actually! We’ve been reevaluating our homestead location. Before we even left Texas, we said we’d give ourselves a year and just see how it went. Having never made such a ginormous change in location and lifestyle before, we said if it wasn’t right for us then we’d reevaluate and move elsewhere. So that’s exactly what we did!  We have moved two hours north to Moscow, Idaho.

January through March we were busy with all things packing, moving and putting our home up for sale. We closed on our White Bird home 2 weeks ago, which was rather bitter sweet.

Seven Devils Rays-1

Final view of the snow-covered Seven Devils

Why leave such an amazing place? The two most significant reasons were the boys and finding employment. Employment opportunities were extremely limited in the area, and the closest friends for the boys were at least 35 minutes away.

We were only 15 miles from Grangeville, but it took 35 minutes to get there. We had to go down the hill, up the hill, and then back down the hill again to get there. And when I say hill, I really mean mountain. We went from 4,000 feet in elevation down to 1,500 feet back up to 4,200 feet and then back down to 3,300 feet in Grangeville. So you know that wasn’t going 65 mph down a straight section of highway!

Skookumchuck Valley-1

Skookumchuck Valley

If the boys were adults and off on their own, Todd and I would have stayed there. However, we realized that was not how we wanted to raise our boys. Sure people do live quite remote and raise children that way, but we felt that was not in the best interest of our fellas.

Are we feeling defeated that our first choice didn’t work out? Nope. We had such an amazing time while we there! We had a lot of new adventures and learned new things. We grew as individuals and as a family, but most of all, we made some amazing family memories that we will always cherish! Lots of magical mom (and dad) moments!

Green Hills Snowy Mtns-1

Our view on our last day in White Bird heading down the mountain one last time. Love the contrast of the green grass and snow-covered mountains!

Stay tuned for part 2 of our move…Our Current Home!

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I'm a recovering HR Director turned stay-at-home mom. And I've never been happier! My interests include cooking, baking, preserving, homeschooling, gardening and reading. I'm enjoying expanding my homesteading and animal husbandry skills. I love exploring nature through the eyes of my children! Every day is full of magic moments...if you're willing to look!

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