First Snow

We woke up to our first round of white stuff this morning!

Snowy Roof

Light dusting of snow on the roof this morning

It was just a dusting but Little Guy was super excited. He’s been waiting, ever so patiently, on the snow. I think he started talking about playing in the snow in July when we got here!

Yesterday we had just a few flakes. When he saw that, he started running around saying “it’s snowing, it’s snowing” and just that quick it stopped.

When he got up this morning, his dad told him to go look on the patio. When he saw the snow, he said “are you kidding me” with this huge grin on his face!

Snowy Mtn 3

Snow in the national forest just across the valley

This was promptly followed by “can we go to the national forest and play in the snow? Please mom. Please.” Hilarious!

If he got this excited over a dusting of snow, image how excited he’ll be¬†when there’s actually enough snow on the ground to play in! Can’t wait for that mom moment! =)

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