Life Skills Lesson

When we came here in April, both boys got to use the little hatchet to cut a few pieces of kindling for a fire. They thought that was the coolest. The youngest was talking about using the hatchet and wanting his own for months after that.

They’ve been fascinated with cutting and stacking firewood since it started getting cold out. So over the weekend, the boys helped cut up some fire wood for the wood stove.

But this time was different….they got to use the big ax! So this required a new lesson on how not to chop up the concrete in the process and a refresher on how not to cut off one’s toes!

Garret Big Ax

The ax is almost as big as he is! I think I closed my eyes when I took this picture!

Grant Big Ax

This guy has helped chop wood every day since his lesson! He’s getting quite good at it!

No toes went missing during this lesson, and all are still attached today! This lesson would fall under scary mom moments!

And just so someone doesn’t claim we’re bad parents…Todd was cut out of the picture. He was right there the entire time.  =)

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  1. It’s important to remember that 100 years ago this is a skill that was expected from boys on the homestead! Yes, some chores can be dangerous without proper instruction, but that’s exactly what parents are for – instructing our youth! Good for you, teaching your kids a valuable skill! Now, when they are done over at your place, you can send them my way. I have a few cords of wood that need splitting! 🙂