Elk Crossing Fail

I managed to capture this video about the same place as the stampede in the previous post. A bit choppy in the beginning as I was driving with one hand and filming with the other. It gets calmer as time goes on.

Its a wonder that their necks weren’t broken.

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About Todd

I'm a software engineer and I've been doing software development for a long time, over 19 years professionally for various companies and many more in my youth just for fun. I've had a long professional career. I'm always looking for other activities where i can learn new skills and discover the true meaning of life. I live for adventure, crafted whiskey, good cigars and remote places.

2 thoughts on “Elk Crossing Fail

  1. Oh my! Not only is that totally awesome (I’ve never seen an elk stampede) but you made it completely hilarious! Thanks for giving me a laugh today!


    • Hi Vickie! Thanks for stopping by. The elk out here are truly amazing animals, though I wondered if those two elk that front flipped over the fence have neck injuries now. They both got up and kept on truckin, so I guess they’re not too bad off.


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