Elk Stampede!

I have never been more surprised as I was today when I rounded a corner driving down the ridge. A river of Elk washed over the road knocking down the barb wire fences in the process. I spotted a few bulls in there and the sound of them running was incredible. I was able to get some pictures in a hurry but I think next time I’ll be packing the video camera from now on. Click on the pictures below to bring up the full size.


Running across the road from the right side


A closer shot


You can see them in mid jump over the fence


They stop and wait for the rest of the herd


And they look back at me making sure i’m not pursuing them.

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0 thoughts on “Elk Stampede!

  1. Oh my. There were at least 60 of them. Probably more. Too bad you didn’t have your rifle. Such an awesome site to see.

    • I don’t have a tag this year, too expensive since I haven’t been in the state for six months. I’ll get one next season for sure.

  2. And of course I missed it…again! Todd has had all the luck so far in seeing herds of elk. I’ve only seen a group of 4 & that was driving up the ridge at night. I could barely see them. It’s amazing how dark it is out here after living in the city for 18 years! =)

    • sounds like you need to being doing a little more outdoor work instead of sitting in the house eating bon bons all day 🙂

    • The top picture was taken from the inside of my truck. I cropped it so that you couldn’t see my hood. If you look closely, there are water drops from my windshield in the image.