Piglets or Horses?!?

Upon looking out the window Monday morning, we didn’t see the two white horses.  This is what we saw instead! Dirty Horses Left 2Sunday and Monday brought us some much-needed rain. The horses clearly enjoyed it. They were rolling in the mud and running across the pasture like little kids playing in the rain! It was most entertaining!

Worn out from playing in the rain!

Clean Horses

Clean horses on a gorgeous blue sky day!

We’ll definitely miss these silly characters when they go back down the hill to their farm this winter!

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About Kelly

I'm a recovering HR Director turned stay-at-home mom. And I've never been happier! My interests include cooking, baking, preserving, homeschooling, gardening and reading. I'm enjoying expanding my homesteading and animal husbandry skills. I love exploring nature through the eyes of my children! Every day is full of magic moments...if you're willing to look!

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