Magical Mom Moment

As a mom, these are the moments that stop me in my tracks and just make me grin a big ol’ goofy grin.

There have been so many moments like this since we’ve moved here. I look out to see what my three fellas are up to and then I’m running for the camera or just simply watching and being in the moment.


Checking on the horses.

This is why we left the big city…for moments just like this! Take a minute today and simply be in the moment. You’ll be amazed! The dishes, the laundry, whatever…it can wait for a few minutes.

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  1. I am blessed to be a mom of three boys. All are grown and out of the house now. I miss the fun we had. The mayhem. The joy. The sorrow. Soak up every minute you can because it seems time will take them away in an instant! Of course, my compensation is my four wonderful grandkids! I love your blog!