Scented Pine Cone Fire Starters – A New Etsy Store Item

We had fun this morning making scented pine cone fire starters. This batch is applejack. They smell amazing!


Just build your fire base and then light the pine cone. The pine cone will act as the fuel to start your fire and make your house smell great in the process!

We’re having another day of 40+ mph wind gusts so the wood stove is going. Those wind gusts are wicked when combined with temps in the 40s! We’re going to need our winter gear for Trick or Treating tonight!

Elk Crossing Fail

I managed to capture this video about the same place as the stampede in the previous post. A bit choppy in the beginning as I was driving with one hand and filming with the other. It gets calmer as time goes on.

Its a wonder that their necks weren’t broken.

Piglets or Horses?!?


Upon looking out the window Monday morning, we didn’t see the two white horses.  This is what we saw instead! Sunday and Monday brought us some much-needed rain. The horses clearly enjoyed it. They were rolling in the mud and running … Continue reading

Magical Mom Moment

As a mom, these are the moments that stop me in my tracks and just make me grin a big ol’ goofy grin.

There have been so many moments like this since we’ve moved here. I look out to see what my three fellas are up to and then I’m running for the camera or just simply watching and being in the moment.


Checking on the horses.

This is why we left the big city…for moments just like this! Take a minute today and simply be in the moment. You’ll be amazed! The dishes, the laundry, whatever…it can wait for a few minutes.

Homestead Flyby

This morning turned out to be calm and clear. Perfect for a drone flight around the property. For those who haven’t seen our property yet, here ya go. I don’t think the horses liked a large UFO buzzing around their heads. I also managed to scare a hawk right out of his tree, poor thing… ha! I plan on taking another video close up of just around the house and over the ridge which is quite a sight because It drops off suddenly. Once the elk start moving i’ll take another video of them! Stay tuned.