Riggins “Teepee” Fire

The winds picked up today to 30-40 mph and the “Teepee” fire near Riggins Idaho is burning about 25 miles south of us, we’re in White Bird. If I start to see flames later on today, I think we’re going to have to leave. We’re suppose to get some rain tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


Southern View


The smoke stretches up into the sky for miles.


This is the view to the north.


This is a view Northeast.

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I'm a software engineer and I've been doing software development for a long time, over 19 years professionally for various companies and many more in my youth just for fun. I've had a long professional career. I'm always looking for other activities where i can learn new skills and discover the true meaning of life. I live for adventure, crafted whiskey, good cigars and remote places.

4 thoughts on “Riggins “Teepee” Fire

    • We did get some rain about 2 hours later. The sheriff came by, said to pack up and get ready to evac. Luckily, the fire calmed down one the winds died. Still, we were a bit nervous.


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