Hi Rocks…Meet My New Little Friend

I knew full well that this place might be a tad on the rocky side. I had no idea, until wife planted this idea of me building a clothes line for her on her birthday. OK, i got the crosses, er, I mean the clothesline T posts built, no problem. (They will be painted later, but they do look like they were built to crucify some people)


OK, so only 3 post holes to dig, about 18 inches down, no sweat. If I were back in Texas, the sandy loam would gladly yield. Not here in Idaho, if these rocks could talk, they’d be like, “None shall pass!”


After 2 1/2 hours, i only dug two holes down to about 6 inches with a shovel, spade and sledge hammer. Not to mention, the backache, joint ache and other aliments an aspiring old dude has been experiencing away from the “cube farm” with all this manual labor!

So, how does one get past the rock when making post holes? Well, you can do what the neighbors do and put the posts on the ground surrounded by a basket of rocks. There some good web sites on the subject such as this one: Fencing on the Rocks

Ideally, a large backhoe would do the job, but even those have challenges in getting in and out of the site to dig, not to mention the rig destroying your farm land, or taking out the side of your house by mistake (which is what i would do).

I need something that will…

  1. Break rocks; eat’em for breakfast and ask for more. Granite, basalt, and slate are delicacies.
  2. Be somewhat portable, and maybe light weight. (40 lbs or so)
  3. Be tough and reliable.
  4. Have interchangeable bits.
  5. Run on electricity, no more than 120 volts 20 amps.
  6. Be able to dig to China if i want to say hi and maybe get some Chinese food.

Behold, i give you the : Bosch 35-Pound 1-1/8-Inch Jack Hammer 


Does it work? Oh heck yeah! Just light enough for me to thrown on my shoulder without being Arnold Schwarzenegger, yet powerful enough to bust through rocks like a game of Asteroids!

Amazon is wonderful.

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0 thoughts on “Hi Rocks…Meet My New Little Friend

  1. What an entertaining read this was tonight! So many things to learn and experience… And you gave up a desk job for this fun?

    • We’re learning many things about western central Idaho, from neighbors and the internet and of course trial and error. I keep thinking about how the pioneers of the old west got through some of these challenges without modern electricity, sanitized water, power tools and the internet. I have a great respect for them.

  2. That is awesome ! Keep them stories coming. We’re enjoying reading about the Cherry Homestead. Please tell Grant & Garrett that Dennis is wondering about how they are doing.

    • Tell Dennis that they’re doing fine and are exploring new activities such as: swimming in the Salmon river, fishing, watching the wildlife and of course helping me with various chores. Once we get some animals, they’re going to be helping with that too. They miss Dennis, and wish he was here.

  3. Jerry & Nancy:
    Info and pictures are great. Now that you have all this info (and more to compile) you need to consolidate into a book. It should be a best seller. Most people have dreams, but don’t always reach for them. We’re proud of you, Kelley and family. Tks for the 50th anniversary best wishes.

    • Thank you for commenting. The book idea is good except I need more content. To be honest, its a struggle trying to figure out how to get some form of stable income. We’ll get there though.