A New Visitor

Yesterday while doing some chores, i managed to almost step on what i thought was a dove of some kind near the shed. It startled me so bad that my heart jumped into my throat. It landed about 10 feet away. Then i heard this sound come from the other side of the shed. When i looked there were about 6 of them walking around slowly, like they were bird-ninjas sneaking up on me near the back of the house.

Turns out there was a female adult leading some juveniles around. After consulting the Idaho bird book, they are called “Ruffed Grouse”, and apparently, they’re also very good to eat. Will have to make a note of that for any future encounters.


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  1. Grandpa Bob says: The book is right – good eating! Just hunt them on the public lands. Don’t risk losing them on your land – they are fun to listen to and watch.