Lavender Discovery

In-between unloading and unpacking today we delightfully discovered that there were some mature English Lavender plants growing on the property just waiting to be pruned. So we did. We stopped for about a hour and pruned the 6 plants.

Lavender1These plants were full of various sized bees and a couple of small preying mantis milling about. You can see two fat bumble bees (below) getting their fill before i pruned them all down. Sorry guys, there will be more next season.LavenderBeesAfter about an hour of pruning we harvested 26 bundles, and they’re now drying in the garage. I can’t describe over the internet how aromatic they smell. If only technology would allow smells over the internet, wait, no…that would be a horrible idea.LavenderBees3We don’t have enough planted to distill into oil yet, but this is a great start.

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