We didn’t bust

Just got internet up and running, time for reflection…

You know, during a 3 day 1700 mile trek across America one has a lot to think about. Things like:

  • Can i make it to the next truck stop before i run dry?
  • How is my trailer holding up?
  • Walkie talkie chatter from the wife, “The dog just barfed!”
  • God, this hotel smells like an ash tray.
  • Kids swapping between my truck and Kelly’s car every time we stop.
  • The dog peeing on the hotel room floor as soon as we get in the room.

It all started July 2nd, when i pulled out of the driveway with a massively heavy “ball n’ chain” 16 ft trailer packed to the gills with all the stuff we couldn’t put in the larger pup trailer.

Thank god for Audible and the book “The Fall of the Governor” to keep me somewhat sane during those last 3 days.

We arrived at the homestead on the 4th of July close to 8 pm. We were going to stay the night north of Boise at a hotel, but i got out voted to keep pressing on. (another 3 hours of driving). Once we finally got there, i started singing, “I’ll be comin’ round the mountain…” over the walkie, but i think my wife was out of range or was ignoring me. I got no response.

The property was overgrown, chock full of weeds and hay that needs cut. Hot and dry here too, high was over 100 which is abnormal for Idaho. Over the last two months with no people nature got busy. Everything inside the house was ok except a small crack in the ceiling.

Another has made it a home as well…right outside the kitchen window. Sitting on 4 blue eggs. More to come later.


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  1. Maybe you should be an author in your spare time. (What spare time, you probably won’t have any)