A visit to the homestead

We left the great state of Texas for a grueling 1700 mile drive to Idaho pulling a 16′ trailer with some of our worldly possessions. The first day we made it to Colorado Springs and stayed the night there at the LaQuinta Inn (great hotel for pet owners). We were tired and hungry after almost 12 hours of driving. For a treat we splurged a little bit and dined at Carrabba’s. Amazing food there.

The next day we drove to Broomfield, CO to meet my Grandfather for lunch. Earlier in the week, he called and wanted to know if I wanted his .338-06 Mauser 98 he built. That’s a silly question, of course i do. What i didn’t know is that he also gave me his old hunting rifle, a Ruger M77 25-06 that he had for over 40 years and two pump action .22 rifles for the boys. Wow, i felt honored to accept these, and will definitely put them to good use in Idaho; that i have no doubt.

I felt bad about having to leave so soon to get back on the road again. We only stayed a few hours, but we had another 8 hours of driving through Wyoming to the next hotel stop in Utah. While there I noticed that as we left the winds were howling in Colorado around 40 mph. I could only imagine what the winds were doing in Wyoming. I was getting anxious about how the trailer would ride because i didn’t know which direction they were blowing. I’m glad i loaded all the heavy stuff on the bottom, like your suppose to right?

Wyoming was brutal….

In a way, we got lucky and ended up driving into the wind; however, the electronic sign posts were flashing the wind speed of 40 mph, and then 50 mph and then 55 mph with some warning about “if you have a light trailer turn around” or something like that. The drive was slower than normal with the wind hitting my truck head on. Fuel consumption was more noticeable, the MPG reading went from 15 to 11.

We finally made it to The Three Sisters at nightfall, and continued to push on to Utah. We finally reached hotel around mid-night in Brigham Utah. The Days Inn hotel was a dump, making a note to never go there again.

Early morning, 2 am. ¬†Went out to check on the truck, just had a nagging feeling that something wasn’t right. Disturbed the wife, she probably thought i’m crazy.

5 am rise and got breakfast at the next McDonald’s down the road. We should be at the homestead around 2 pm. The drive through Boise to McCall was gorgeous, McCall itself was a pretty neat little town. Will have to come back and visit more since its going to be fairly close to us.

Finally made it to our destination, time to unpack and get some things organized. Our stay was only two days and then we headed back to Texas to put the house up for sale and sort out our other affairs. We didn’t want to leave, but we knew the next trip was the last one. Here is a nice picture of the area, just after a snow storm blew in late April while we were there.