A break in the clouds

At some time in your life, you reach a certain level of understanding and enlightenment. For me, this occurred in mid-life around my 40th year of living on this rock we call Earth.

What enlightenment is that you ask?

The realization that:

  • There is more to experience in life other than being plugged into some form of electronic device, whether its a smartphone, TV, Xbox, iPad or PC running the latest video game.
  • That you’ll never be at peace running on the endless treadmill of making more money.
  • That the passions of our youth become diminished or forgotten because we’ve grown up.
  • That life really is short and somehow we think that we’ll live forever and have plenty of time to pursue that dream.
  • There are signs to be read each day, even though they may be subtle, one cannot mistake the frequency by which they occur.
  • That we should seize the opportunity to do the things we truly enjoy and without regret or fear of the unknown.
  • That there is a break in the clouds, and now is the time to change your life for the better.