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Seed Catalogs

It’s that time of year again here…when I start yearning for the warmer weather and sunshine of spring! Only 29 more days til spring officially arrives!

Since it’s still way too cold and muddy here, I have to satisfy my inner garden nerd by browsing all the seed catalogs that have shown up in the mailbox.

Last year I ordered from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. They offer a huge selection of heirloom varieties and put together a gorgeous seed catalog. I had really good germination rates with all their seeds. My one complaint though is the lack of specific planting information on a lot of the seed packets (which I didn’t realize until I was actually ready to start the seeds). I often had to go research planting depth, light requirements, etc. before I could actually get the seeds in the dirt. But being the nerd I am, I created a big spreadsheet as I went last year that has all the necessary information.

I haven’t personally ordered from any of the other catalogs. A few of the local market gardeners that we’ve gotten to know through the Farmers Market have recommended Johnny’s and Territorial Seed Company based on their positive experience with both companies.

Our spring was really wet last year, so by the time we were able to get the fence installation finished, it was too late to plant most spring veggies like lettuce, spinach, kohlrabi, radishes, etc. So I don’t need to buy very many seeds this year….that combined with the fact that I may have, perhaps, ordered way too many seeds in my excitement over finally having a big enough garden to actually can and preserve from.

Pinetree Seed

This year, I’m going to order from Pinetree Garden Seeds. My plan is to order just a few varieties of seeds and some gardening supplies. I first heard about Pinetree from this blog post on Seed Sources over at Common Sense Home. I’ve been following this blog for years and have learned a ton on so many different homesteading-related topics. I highly recommend a visit to this site if you haven’t been to it before!

Well I’m off to go finalize my order before I get carried away again this year! Do you have a favorite seed company? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Getting Ready to Hunt!

It’s been a whirlwind since the beginning of the year. Selling a house, buying a house, moving, finding some work, building a wood shed, installing a wood stove, buying a tractor, getting some chickens, getting some cats, homeschooling our boys, processing 50 pounds of apples, making more soap…sheesh!

And now we’re getting ready to hunt. The first one for my oldest son Grant.

Just got to teach him how to sight in his newly acquired rifle from his great Grand Dad. Grant and I took turns shooting a .270 caliber rifle my Grand Father made for him and presented it to him on his birthday. He didn’t think it was for him at first, but was smiling ear to ear. The rifle is a special left handed variant (Grant’s a lefty) with a shorter barrel and less weight designed for youth shooters. We also have a nice area to shoot from our property with a tall backstop, lots of deer droppings all around the field too. The target we were shooting at was set out to about 100 yards and we where shooting 150 grain soft points. After some refinement, we got the rifle dialed in pretty well; at least 1 inch from the point of aim at 100 yards. The last shots were near the bulls-eye in the center and bottom left. Shoots pretty good, but recoils pretty hard. I thought poor Grant was going to get scoped, but he did great and kept his composure and his balance.

There are a lot of deer up here in the Palouse range and we see them out and about almost daily. They love the garbanzo bean fields. Hunting is more of a challenge up here, because of privately owned land in Potlatch. You can get a permit, but it’s not cheap. A two hour drive to White Bird is possible, but i would rather find a spot to scout near our home. There’s also the St. Joe National forest which is about an hour away, my only fear is it will be over crowded with hunters. We’ll see what happens and we’ll certainly have a grand old adventure where ever we end up going.







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Its gonna be a White Christmas

Over night we got a lot of snow (8 inches). Today the snow god is
delivering more as I type this and we’re expecting to get even more during the week. We’re located up on a ridge 4k snowmeasurefeet in elevation so we’re getting more than most people near town.

We are quite prepared for this though if we get snowed in.
We have about 5 cords of seasoned wood cut from last year that was left by the previous owner which should last us well into next year. Pantry is stocked up. Plenty of gas for the ATV which is now configured for plow duty. So long as the power stays on I’d say were going to be just fine. If the power does go off for a period of time we would obviously have to adapt a little bit. That means getting off the computer and going outside to do some more work and maybe have some fun after.


I actually had fun snow plowing today. We have about 200 feet of driveway until the main road which needed plowed along with the garage entrance. I need to keep it clear for the UPS man who delivers all the way up here surprisingly. Don’t want to miss out on any Xmas gifts. I also had the idea of clearing the roof of snow, but initial footing tests indicated that I would fall on my ass and slide off the roof in glorious fashion and probably break my neck. So no, I’m just going to have to trust in the roof’s snow bearing load capacity for now.

After I was done plowing I saw that the kiddo’s discovered a new sledding hill near the house. It looked like they were having too much fun. So I had to test their sledding device to make sure it was safe.

There isn’t another place that I would rather be than right here in the mountains during this time of year. Spending it with my family in the snow brings me happiness and joy. We must cherish the time that we have on this earth and spend it wisely with those that we love. I only wish, that our extended family were also here to partake in the holiday festivities and of course the sledding fun.

I hope everyone reading this blog has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!